Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not bad Senator Frankine

At first i questioned what standards were take in to account for our politicians and how some of them ended up in congress.One of the elected official i was skeptical about was frankin of minnisota,you can not blame me for being skeptical because the last time a movie actor or an entertainer ended up in public office he messed it up and yes i got an example look at california under gov.schewartzinger dont mind my spelling it kind of hard to spell or pronounce his name,any way my point is entertainers end up winning elections,but are not effective.On the other hand Senator Al Frankine i think is really going to be a key senator for obamas agendas,looks well informed,wise and is going to do a great job.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where is the gop going???????????

All that is happening to the party that was founded in the year 1854 in ripon,wisconsin by anti-slavery expansion activists which elected lincoln as its first president in the year 1860 is really embarrassing.The chairman of the party is talking about fried chicken,gov.sanford a so called prominent republican presidential candidate is going to argentina to have an affair,sen.ensign is accused of paying 90k to his mistress,gov.palin is talking about fishing and oh so many ethics allegations.What is really happening the party that proclaims to have a platform of morality,faith and ethics is going down the drain.The republican party need people who do what they say,because the biggest challenge for the gop is strategy to chart a new course and huge ethics reform.I dont want to live in a Fascist nation under one party rule.The two party system helps keep the promise of the future of our kid and grand kids.God help the gop.

The biggest mistake the obama admin. made so far...

In my personal opinion the biggest mistake the obama administration has done so far was giving that 40 million or so of tax payer money to G.M .I honestly believe that the administration knew that G.M would in fact file for bankruptcy,it does not take a high paid economist to tell us the tax payers that G.M would or would not file bankruptcy i could tell you that they were and am a college freshman.It is really a stupid move from an administration backed and collaborated with one of the worlds best consultants and advisors.Can we buy our selves out of debt by spending more i do not know,but ill work on it i promise.

Supreme court justice sonia sotomayor

I am following the confirmation hearing of judge sonia sotomayor to be assistant justice to the united states supreme court.If i am not mistaken the members of the grand old party were jumping up and down saying sotomayor is a reverse racist,am not going to lye i even portrayed her as a latina with some sort of prejudices against other races,but that was clearly a wrong presumption.I sincerely apologize and i think the republicans are seeing that she is a smart and well versed and are asking their forgiveness in a different form,regardless they have to walk a fine line they do not want to lose the hispanic vote ones and for all.It is really true we should not judge a person before knowing very well were they stand on issues that we are to face and solve together.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The shift of sen.arlen spector from the gop to the democratic party is nothing more than a political and personal gain,even spector said so.As a leaning democrat you expect me to jump up and down,but its not a gain for democrates or a loss to republicans its just a big lose for spectors morals and principals whome he stood and defended for more than 30 years.
I honestly believe a man that doesnt stand to his core ideals and principals is not a man trust worthy to represent anyone in congress.I thing joe sestak should run against him in the primary and put this mans flip flop journey to an end.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Smart move Mr.PRESIDENT ?

President barack obama nominated utah governor JON M.HUNTSMAN to be chineese ambasader.This is really nothing but a move to clear the plane field for the 2012 presidential race.
Huntsman would have been a real contender,beause he is a moderate that could appeal to some democrates who are fed up of government taking over everything.
Well thats it for huntsman but watch this is not only a smart move for our president but also to huntsman.Am pretty sure that jon wants to run for president some day and this would help in foreign relation and bipartisanship.
Smart move...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maritime tugs who dont have anything to lose

First i start off by thanking the men and women who serve this country in uniform.Our navy showed great courage and presision when they desided to kill the somali pirates to save capt.philip.We should all be informed that this people dont have no job,no stable govt and no sense of respect for life.The somalis should be stopped and it must be now, because if they are to be ignored they are going to be the next afghanistan and we cannot afford to wage another war.